ACI A/1K-2W-RA-12

ACI A/1K-2W-RA-12"-4X

ACI A/1K-2W-RA-12

ACI A/1K-2W-RA-12"-GD

ACI A/1K-2W-RA-12"-BB

1,000 Ohm (Two Wires) RTD, Rigid Probe Averaging, 12", NEMA 3R Enclosure
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ACI A/1K-2W-RA-12"-BB

The ACI Rigid Averaging Series features a ¼” Diameter stainless steel sensing element with two, 12”, 22 AWG Etched Teflon colored lead wires to differentiate the sensor types. The sensors in this series are manufactured with 4 sensing points in lengths from 12” to 36”. The rigid averaging sensors will provide a better average temperature of the air inside the duct when compared to a single point sensing element. Each of the elements is hermetically sealed to prevent any moisture intrusion and includes an integrated foam pad to properly seal the duct and dampen vibrations when installed. The benefits of using the rigid averaging sensor is that it mounts like a standard single point duct sensor but includes three additional sensing points for better control. The sensor length should be determined by the size of your duct. Our standard enclosures include the galvanized junction box “-GD” or plastic duct enclosure “-PB” with the hinged cover depending on your preference. This series can be ordered with optional NEMA/IP rated weather proof enclosures as referenced in the ordering grid. Applications: Air Handlers, Roof Top Units, Mixed Air/Discharge/Supply/Return Air Temperature Monitoring, Data Centers, Hospitals

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