Welcome to Controls Depot, where over 25 years of unmatched HVAC and Building Automation Systems (BAS) experience amalgamates with futuristic vision and innovation. For a quarter of a century, we’ve been at the epicenter of industry evolution, honing our expertise, and cultivating solutions that resonate with changing times and advancing technologies.


A Legacy of Expertise

Rooted in a rich heritage of HVAC and BAS proficiency, Controls Depot has mastered the orchestration of environments where comfort meets efficiency. Our journey spans decades of dedication, continuously refining our craft, and developing a deep understanding of the dynamic needs of the spaces we enhance.


Smart Building Consulting

Our approach is meticulous yet tailored. From technical oversight to design support, we provide a comprehensive consultancy that ensures your projects are nurtured from conception to completion. With a keen eye on new constructions and retrofit projects, our solutions are versatile, embracing the uniqueness of each building and client.


Device Layer Specialization

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge devices, we specialize in creating interconnected ecosystems within your premises. From IoT Gateways to EMS hardware, our curated technologies stand as the sentinels of efficiency, monitoring, and optimizing various aspects, such as utilities and networking.


Master Systems Integration

At Controls Depot, integration is an art. We align technology with vision, forging a synthesis where every device, every system, and every strategy converges to create a cohesive and intuitive user experience. This harmonization ensures that technology doesn’t just inhabit a space; it breathes life into its potential.


Dedication to Innovation

Driven by a commitment to staying abreast of technological advancements, our ethos revolves around perpetual innovation. We thrive on exploring new horizons, incorporating proven technologies, and adapting strategies that echo with modernity and efficacy.


Your Trusted Partner

Embarking on a journey with Controls Depot means more than just adopting technology; it's about embracing a partnership rooted in unwavering support, collaborative evolution, and a shared vision of excellence. Together, let’s build environments where technology flourishes and spaces resonate with comfort and intelligence.


Join us at Controls Depot, where tradition meets tomorrow, and expertise illuminates innovation.