BAS Protocol Bootcamp (1) Seat

BAS Protocol Bootcamp (1) Seat

BAS Scoping and Estimating (1) Seat

BAS Scoping and Estimating (1) Seat

BAS Startup and Checkout (1) Seat

Standalone 1 Seat Access for 1 Year to BAS Startup and Checkout Program
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BAS Startup & Checkout teaches how to install, set up, configure and checkout building automation systems. Utilizing the 32 cheat sheets, checklists, and exercises provided in the course students will follow a controls submittal as they mount, wire, power, configure, and checkout building automation controls and configure the front-end and GUI.

Course Objectives:

- Install and configure supervisory devices, controllers, and inputs and outputs

- Configure a full system tree to include point mapping, communication trunks, point extensions, and


- Demonstrate the ability to perform point-to-point checkout, functional tests, and documentation closeout

Some Key Topics:

- Conduct a sales to operations hand off

- Create Point-to-point checkout sheets

- Understand the impact of loaded and unloaded circuits on controllers

- Properly wire power for multiple controllers, inputs, and outputs

- Demonstrate how to wire and test dry contact (status), resistive, voltage, and current inputs

- Demonstrate how to wire and test internally sourced, externally sourced, voltage, and current outputs

- Learn the three different kinds of recovery systems, how they are controlled, and the effect they have on other systems

- Describe how to create and complete a functional test

- Demonstrate the ability to execute a final closeout check

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