ACI A/1K-2W-D-8


ACI A/1K-2W-I-2.5

ACI A/1K-2W-I-2.5"-EXPL

ACI A/1K-2W-DO-8"-96"CL2P-QC

1,000 Ohm (Two Wires) RTD, Duct, Without Box, 8", 96" Plenum Cable, Quick Connects
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ACI A/1K-2W-DO-8"-96"CL2P-QC

The ACI Quick Connect (-QC) Series thermistors provide a predictable output over the specified temperature range of -40 to 302 deg F. These sensors are available in several probe and cable lengths. The sensing element is double encapsulated for long-term durability. These units are offered in a duct without box configuration. They come with a 2 conductor 22 AWG Teflon shielded CL2P Plenum rated cable and ¼" quick connect connectors for ease of installation.

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