Analog Input (0-5VDC), Pressure Output (0-15PSI), Dual Valve, Maintains Branch Pressure , High Flow, Gauge
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The PXP*.3 is an electric to pneumatic transducer which converts an analog electrical input signal to a proportional pneumatic output. The PXP*.3 will automatically modulate its control valve(s) to regulate the branch line pressure to the selected set point as determined by the input signal. The

PXP*.3 off­ers four selectable input ranges which convert to a 0 to 15 psig modulating output (See EPC product for 0 to 20 psig outputs). A 0-5 VDC feedback signal indicating the resultant branch line pressure is also provided. This signal varies linearly with branch pressure (0 volts= 0 psig, 5 volts = 15

psig). The PXP0.3 is a single valve version that does not bleed or exhaust air. Its operation depends on the pneumatic circuit where it is installed to consume between 14 and 73 scim. The PXP1.3, 5.3, and 7.3 are constant bleed controllers with branch exhaust response time determined by the bleed orifice size and pressure di­fferentials (see ordering grid on the next page). If power fails, the PXP1.3, 5.3, or 7.3 will continue to bleed through the bleed orifice until branch pressure is zero psig. A three-way solenoid valve assembly may be used with the bleed type PXP1.3, 5.3, or 7.3 to allow control to fall back to the original local controller if power fails. The PXP2.3 incorporates two valves and does not use air at set point. It’s branch exhaust ow and response time are not limited by an internal restrictor and are similar to its load rate. If power fails to the PXP2.3, branch line pressure remains constant if the branch line does not leak air. The PXP2.3FS is equipped with a N.O. branch exhaust valve which allows exhaust of branch air on power failure. A manual override (jumper selectable), which controls the output pressure, is provided for setup and troubleshooting. Custom calibration is available upon request for an additional charge. This will speed up installation time for the end user.

Applications: Three-Way Mixing Valve Control, Pilot Positioner Control, Pneumatic Valve & Damper Actuator Control, Fan Vane Control, DDC Control,

Above Ceiling Applications (mixing and VAV boxes)


The PXP is covered by ACI's Two (2) Year Limited Warranty. The warranty can be found in the front of ACI's Sensors & Transmitters catalog,

as well as on ACI's website,

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