BAS Programming Bootcamp (1) Seat

BAS Programming Bootcamp (1) Seat

BAS Startup and Checkout (1) Seat

BAS Startup and Checkout (1) Seat

BAS Protocol Bootcamp (1) Seat

Standalone 1 Seat Access for 1 Year to BAS Protocol Bootcamp Program
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BAS Protocol Bootcamp is designed to teach technical BAS professionals everything they need to know about BACnet, Lon, and Modbus in the shortest amount of time possible so that they can effectively design, install, and support systems based on these protocols.

Course Objectives:

- Learn exactly what you need to know about BACnet, Lon, and Modbus

- Improve your ability to execute projects BACnet, Lon, and Modbus

- Develop the ability to easily troubleshoot BACnet, Lon, and Modbus

Some Key Topics:

- BACnet objects, services, and properties

- BACnet/IP settings, design, and troubleshooting

- BBMD functionality and scaling BACnet networks

- BACnet/MS/TP settings, design, and troubleshooting

- Lon nodes, network variables, and configuration parameters

- Lon network services, database, and plug-ins

- Lon FT-10 and EIA-852 design and topology reviews

- Modbus Objects and messaging

- Modbus function codes and error codes

- Modbus TCP and RTU fundamentals

- Modbus registers, coils, and discrete inputs

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