BACnet Bootcamp (1 Seat)

BACnet Bootcamp (1 Seat)

IT Networking Bootcamp (1 Seat)

Standalone 1 Seat Access for 1 Year to IT Networking Bootcamp
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IT Networking Bootcamp provides an understanding of how messages flow within the network. We will look at the journey of a message from one BAS device through a network to another BAS device. In this lesson you will learn about networking terminology, network traffic flow, and network devices.

Some Key Topics:

- Understand subnets, VLANs, and how messages flow in the network

- Web messaging from a user interface like Google Chrome to a BAS server

- How BAS IP controllers communicate to supervisory devices

- Messaging across different layers

- The OSI seven layer model of data flow

- Encapsulation versus decapsulation

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