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HBX ECO-0600

HBX ECO-0600
  • Stand-Alone Geothermal Control
  • With the free HBX SensorLinx™ mobile app, users can control and monitor their boiler system remotely from their smartphone devices with the ability to adjust system parameters, monitor system temperatures, equipment operation status and receive alarm notifications.



The ECO-0600 is designed to be a stand –alone outdoor reset control device. The purpose and function of the ECO-0600 is to provide control for geothermal applications with the ability control equipment in a 2 pipe, single or dual tank, hydronic heating or cooling system.

The ECO-0600 can control up to four (4) heat pump stages (air-to-water or water-water) or chillers and a reversing valve with outdoor temperature reset control.

This powerful control can control a backup heat source (boiler) while operating three (4) heat pump stages. The backup heat source can be brought on with a few different options based on outdoor or tank temperatures. The control can manage single tank or dual tank applications with separate hot and cold tanks. The control also features DHW (domestic hot water) control with any application.

ECO-0600 Features

Control up to 4 heat pump stages
Backup boiler control
Single or dual tank modes
DHW control
Runs reversing valve or 3 way mixing valves
Lead lag on heat pumps
Heat pump rotation on time or cycles
Alarm notification on tank temperature via the Sensorlinx app
Outdoor temperature reset
System and hot/cold tank pumps with exercising and post purge



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